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Winter / Spring Select Soccer

What is Winter/Spring Select?

After the Fall Recreational Soccer League ends, NSYSA sponsors teams in indoor and outdoor soccer leagues.  These teams are referred to as "Winter/Spring Select Teams."   The indoor games are played at the Wide World of Indoor Sports in North Smithfield.  The outdoor games are played at NSES for home games, and at competitor's fields at various locations throughout Rhode Island for away games.  There are two indoor sessions, each lasting about eight weeks.  Players are selected for the teams based upon a comprehensive player evaluation process that runs close to year round.  Registration for Select teams is limited to those players that are chosen to play.

The spring outdoor season is organized and run by The Superliga.  Select teams playing in 2nd session indoor typically continue on to play outdoors in the Spring Select season run by Superliga.

Select Winter/Spring FAQs

What are the various seasons of NSYSA soccer?

Answer: There are two main soccer programs available to North Smithfield players: Recreational and Select. 

NSYSA's Recreational Program:
All children residing in the Town of North Smithfield between the ages of three and sixteen (limited by nationally mandated birthdate cutoffs) are welcome to register for and play in NSYSA's Fall Rec program.  This is our "house league" in which NSYSA players play against each other.   Registered players are placed on teams based upon their age group and playing ability.   Division commissioners build their respective teams with the desire to balance their overall playing level to promote balanced game play.  Games are played from late August through the end of October at the NSES field complex, and all teams are usually coed.
Clinics may be offered on a sporadic basis over the Winter and Spring months to anyone that played in the previous Fall Rec program.  Often times these clinics are conducted by third party trainers such as Challenger Sports and The Revs Academy, and are help at either the Wide World of Indoor Sports North (WWIS) right here in North Smithfield or our own town fields. 

NSYSA's Select Program: 
This season starts with two back to back Winter indoor sessions, where players from different towns play against each other in a more competitive environment.  Games are played at the Wide World of Indoor Sports in North Smithfield.  Games are played from early November through the end of March.  Select teams are gender specific and correspond to the U8 through U16 age groups (There are currently NO U6 Select teams).  Select teams also wear a unique NSYSA uniform.
Immediately following the second indoor session the Select season continues for the same Select teams outdoors as part of The Rhode Island Youth Superliga, LLC (The Superliga).  This "travel" league is comprised of home games at our fields and away games in other Rhode Island towns.
A limited number of Fall Select teams are also formed to compete in The Superliga Fall tournament that runs from September through October.  This is another "travel" type league with home and away games.

How many Select teams are formed each season?

Answer: Depending on how many qualified players are available and want to play, NSYSA's Select Committee determines how many teams to place in each age group and in what division to place them in.  Sometimes there are also opportunities to play in other neighboring towns.  The Super Liga allows rosters to be formed by up to 5 separate towns.  Players are also encouraged to contact the WWIS to see if any teams need players.
For those parents who feel their child is extremely gifted or want the opportunity to be trained/coached at a higher level and compete against better competition, we suggest they visit for more information.

Will every player play every game?

Answer: There are no minimum playing time rules in the Select program.  The ultimate goal, provided all players meet certain ability requirements, should be to get each player no less than 50% of every game provided the math works (example 14 players cannot play 24 minutes of a 48 minute game).  Coaches do have some flexibility to limit playing time for players missing practices or games.  Coaches should tell their teams before each season what is expected as far as attendance and what the potential impact to playing time may be.
For indoor teams with large rosters or for outdoor teams where the state allows 22 player rosters (18 max at any game), coaches may/will create an equitable rotation schedule so as to maximize playing time at each game.  Instead of having every player come to every game and risk getting only a few minutes or no time at all on the field due to so many players on the team, some coaches may set a schedule which allows each player to miss a few games and then get much more playing time during the games that they do show up for.  Not only does this balance the load of so many players, but also allows for managing scheduling conflicts.  We tend to see this happen in the higher divisions (U14 and up).

Who plays on the Select teams?

Answer: U8 Through U14 players must participate in the previous Fall Rec season in order to be considered for any Select team.  There is no open registration for NSYSA's Select program.  Select teams are chosen based on a comprehensive player evaluation process that runs close to year round.  NSYSA's Select Committee, Commissioners, Director of Training & Development, and Rankings Coordinator work in unison to provide Select coaches the most up to date rankings breakdown of each age group from which Select teams are built from. Not all players will make a Select team.  If your child does qualify, their Select coach will contact them by the middle of October to determine if they wish to commit to a roster spot.
The process for forming U16 Select teams varies slightly and may include alternative means of player evaluation including but not limited to tryouts.
Unlike Fall Rec, simply registering online for the Select program without prior contact from a Select coach does not result in placement on a team.  It is important to remember that a player who is asked to play on a Select team one year is not guaranteed to make it the following year.  We understand that everyone wants to play, but cannot accommodate everyone (much like baseball, where even though everyone wants to play on an all-star team, there just isn't enough room to get everyone to play).  The outdoor session involves travel around the state to play different towns.  Do note that if your child does receive a call for a Select team, you have the choice of whether or not to actually accept.  If the child is involved in numerous Spring activities, consider carefully whether or not they will actually have the time to attend practices and games.  If their schedule is too full, and they will be missing games, please consider declining, as this will open up a spot for another player who perhaps is not playing any other sports and will be available to properly support their team throughout the whole scheduled season.

Who coaches the Select teams?

Answer: NSYSA's Select Committee assigns all head and assistant coaches.  Coaches must hold the correct state mandated license for that age group and division.  NSYSA coordinates training for coaches who are interested in getting the proper licensing and reimburses their coaches for the tuition cost of the classes taken through SRI. 
Coaches are assigned to teams based on several variables including license, experience, tenure, and when applicable which age group their child is playing in.  The overriding mission is to get the best available coach for each individual season. Coaches must register with SRI via the NSYSA website in order for the state background check to be run.  The state will not allow anyone who fails the background check to coach, nor will NSYSA allow anyone to coach that we feel may present physical or emotional issues to our players.  Simply registering online for Select without prior contact from the Select Committee does not result in being assigned a team..

What do I do once I hear from a Select coach?

Answer: Your coach will inform you of the NSYSA Select registration process. You will need to register online, similar to Fall Rec registration at  As part of the online registration, you will have to upload a headshot photo of the child.  This will be used to create their 'player pass'.  You will also complete and print out your medical release form, which should be given to the coach. Your coach will inform you of the current prices for indoor and outdoor.  In addition all players will need the entire Select uniform.
We do have a payment plan available.  Payments are required at the start of each indoor and outdoor session. Uniforms are ordered from DMK Sports and must be paid for when ordered.  If you do not know your child's uniform number from a previous year playing, please ask the coach.  Uniform numbers given in Recreational are not the same for Select.  NSYSA also provides financial aid to our players, so that no child will miss out on playing because of a financial situation.  To apply for financial aid, send a letter to NSYSA at PO Box 763, Slatersville, RI 02876 (all financial aid requests are kept confidential).