NSYSA Philosophy

Statement of Philosophy

NSYSA was founded on the following principles, which represent the ideals upon which it operates:

  1. That NSYSA is open, with equal opportunity for all: boys and girls, beginners and advanced;
  2. That learning and maturing, striving and skill, go hand and hand; 
  3. That NSYSA honors the idea of sports as a pleasurable activity while insuring participation for all, and that it recognizes that children having a good time is as important for them as understanding the competitive aspects of winning and losing;
  4. That NSYSA demands good sportsmanship, and believes that displaying respect for others is the major characteristic of good sportsmanship; NSYSA expects the highest standards of personal conduct from all players, coaches, and spectators at all times; and
  5. That NSYSA fosters and accentuates teamwork to instill a sense of "community" in its players, coaches, parents, sponsors and board members and that NSYSA works together and takes pride in the accomplishments of each member of our community.