Volunteer to Coach

Volunteer to Coach!

We need your help!

NSYSA is dedicated to developing and supporting coaches.

Training is available.  We do not just throw folks out on the field with a group of kids and wish them luck.  We arrange for classes (run by the state soccer association) so that they will have all the education that they need.  Some classes are free, and we provide tuition reimbursement to NSYSA coaches for those classes that are not free.  We also have meetings in town with our coaches to ensure that they have all the information that they need.  We even have a board member dedicated to the training and development of our coaches.

Volunteering is easy!

To volunteer for coaching during fall recreation, register online as a coach when you register your child.  Volunteers must pass a background check prior to being allowed to coach the children.

Interested? Have questions?

Just send an email to Peter Hainley ( or Gloria Zonin ( and they will be happy to answer your questions.